An acylic painting about young African love. 0



SIZE 40*50CM

This man is one of respect, strong will and born of humble back ground.


In the African traditional society, it was acceptable for a King to have have as many women as he desired. That was due to his wealthy and pride above other men.

Today, a man's wealth may determine how many secret concubines he has. But his hearth will alway come to settle with that special one who brings out the best in him. Just like his mother made him.what he is.

The painting expressess every successful man's daily challange with women. His distruction with all due honesty. His weakness and temptation.

Three or four around his bossom doesnt make him the man his mother dared to raise in him. Certainly not. But the distruction and weakness is there and here to stay.

And he surely must grow to make a decent choice between all the two or more women he has got around his sides.

All men come through the same path of temptation but then only and only you random #woman #of #substance will grasp his attention, affect his attitude and habits, curveing him into your dream man. As Men, we need the substance of you to to gain our true inner man shape.

(Its the same i a random guy... aint without, without you random woman of sabstance. Curve me. And make me what i aught to be. I pray. Coz you are that last respect i have achieved yet. The respect.)

USh 550,000

An acylic painting about young African love.

Kampala, Kampala, Central Region
Apr 18
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Kampala, Kampala, Central Region
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