Where every African society resulted from war. 0


This art piece lies Under African Culture and heritage.

SIZE -(120*180cm)

To make peace and growth, there was inevitable war. And native wars in the past were the foundation of each and every lasting African kingdom,chiefdom and significantly proud people. Of African heritage. Man was the protector of his wife and children. The spear and shield are a symbol of warriorhood, bravery, responsibility and commitment (expressed in the leaning motion).

That determimation has made us what we are today. And the beauty of the colors of an african sunset, expansive jungle greeness have been a source of inspiration to the art work. In addition to that, African sculptural forms are a style i saw worthy incorparating in the art work.

Thank you.

USh 3,730,000

Where every African society resulted from war.

Kampala, Kampala, Central Region
Apr 18
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Kampala, Kampala, Central Region
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